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"We believe that movies can change the world!"


Gustav Film is an independent film production company founded by Erkan Taskiran and based in Munich, Germany. The production company was founded with the aim of bringing universal and unique stories to the cinemas and the digital world. Gustav Film develops, produces, and co-produces daring auteur films and ambitious series for a broad audience and aims to inspire everyone who thinks beyond borders and categories with its provocative and original film and series stories. 


Gustav Film's creative and production team ensures that the right focus and resources are applied from the very beginning and carefully and coordinately takes care of the realization of all production steps, from idea development to financing, production and distribution. To this end, Gustav Film will work with international production companies and create reliable and long-term partnerships. 


Gustav Film wants to encourage filmmakers who have a strong (distinct) voice and want to make courageous films with a unique attitude. Its vision is to create a new queer aesthetic language in European cinema. Gustav Film wants to challenge and question established representations and ideas with its film projects. 

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